Katy residents take precautions to protect pets from coyotes



May 13, 2022

By Natalie Cook-Clark

Katy residents frequently report seeing wild animals in their neighborhood. Coyotes roam some local parks and streets, raising concerns for the safety of local children and pets.

Screenshot video credit: Shannon Hayes

Coyote filmed by Katy Resident

The people of Katy often come face to face with the local wildlife. A Katy resident recently filmed a coyote as it regularly prowls the Williamsburg Colony community.

Protect your pets

Shannon Hayes acted quickly to protect her little dogs when she saw a coyote wandering down her street. She originally captured it on one of her home cameras on March 22, but struggled to identify if it was really a coyote.

Video credit: Shannon Hayes

“I ran out and bought a 6ft dog kennel with a roof to put outside their dog’s door to safely lock them in from dusk till dawn while maintaining access to the outdoor bathroom,” says Hayes.

She then saw him again weeks later on her way to work.

“This coyote ran right past my Jeep,” Hayes explains. “I made sure I had a video to warn people to protect their pets.”

Katy residents reported cats and small dogs being attacked and killed by coyotes and bobcats. Residents should always take precautions, but respect and leave wildlife alone.

Read about pets killed by coyotes.

“Seeing native wildlife such as coyotes and bobcats should be treated the same as seeing alligators,” says Major Chad Norvell, Constable of Fort Bend, Sector 1. “Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.”

How to keep coyotes away from your home

  • Do not keep pet food outdoors.

  • Clean your grill after use.

  • Get rid of potential hiding places.

  • Cover garbage cans and recycling bins.

  • If composting, do not add meat or bones.

  • Keep small pets indoors.

Norvell urges residents to call them (281-341-4665) if a coyote, like any other wildlife, wanders into a neighborhood and residents are alarmed.


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