wild creatures, pets and moms!


Not only is it National Pet Month, but wild creatures are coming out more and more with the warm weather. Emily Griffin shows us a bunch of them in our Send It To 7 Pics of the Week segment.

(WWNY) – We start with our wildlife friends. Tyler Clemons spent the morning with a young fox in Lewis County.

Leo Schesser heard the pecking of a Pileated Woodpecker.

Sharon Dafoe in Richville – the lucky duck – spotted a big Tom turkey, a double-crested cormorant and a porcupine this week.

Sandra Thomas was visited by a number of beautiful birds of all kinds and colors.

Jenn Sigmon witnessed a charming blue swallow at Black Lake, serene until someone invaded her personal space.

There were also many pet submissions.

Some were small, like Cheryl Steiner’s cat Nacho or Carolyn Lashomb’s dog Peanut.

Some were tall, like Sarah Thesier’s Great Dane Tessa.

Here are some powerful duos: Xena and Frank from Star Lake were sent by Jenalyn Savage and Gemma and Gracie came courtesy of Melanie Smith.

And we had to include Lindsay Raymon’s pet cow and rabbit.

Show us your pets to feature next week.

In honor of Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, the Channel 7 morning crew wanted to say thank you to our mums.

There’s my mom Lori, Makenzie with her mom Melonie, and Beth with her mom Mary Jane, her daughter Bria and her new granddaughter Scarlett — four generations in one picture.

Our backstage guys are sending their love too. Producer Zach and his mom Julie and a throwback from our director Scott with his mom Beverlee. To all the moms, happy Mother’s Day in advance. Be sure to submit photos of you and the moms in your life via Send It To 7 on our website or mobile app.

You can see your photos broadcast on our Sunday newscasts.

Check out more Send It 7 submissions in the Pictures of the Week, National Pet Month and Mother’s Day galleries below.

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