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The magical world of two Harry Potter and fantastic beasts franchises are full of a wide variety of magical creatures. From the giant horned ruminant to the kind, big-eyed moon calf, the wizarding world has no shortage of strange and unusual beasts. Some have origins that date back to Harry Potter books themselves, while the others’ first appearance is in the movies. The first one fantastic beats film found Magizoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) in 1920s New York as he and his unlikely band of heroes attempt to save the muggle and wizarding worlds from magical beasts that have escaped from his suitcase.

the Harry Potter the prequel could be considered a standalone adventure, though subsequent sequels have planted their feet more firmly in Harry Potter lore, specifically tied to the past of Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Now that Fantastic Beats: Dumbledore’s Secrets has officially hit theaters, it’s the perfect time to take stock of the magical creatures that have populated all three films.

With the variety of beasts that appear onscreen, it’s easy to wonder if any of them would make good pets – if you could manage to capture and train one, that is- to say. After all, some are certainly cute and cuddly. Others, however, are as terrifying and deadly as a basilisk. So if you’re looking to roam Platform 9¾ and start the hunt for your very own magical creature, be sure to do your research first. Here are eleven creatures that appear in the fantastic beasts movies, ranked by how good of a pet they would be.

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11. Graphorns

Grahorns definitely have a cool, rugged appearance when seen in the wild, but they probably aren’t the best pets. Their large size and mouth resemble a saber-toothed tiger, but with the addition of a pair of long, sharp horns. They are extremely aggressive creatures and capable of repelling most spells. So if you think you’re going to try to tame them using magic, well… think again.

10. Grindylows

If you’re looking forward to having a grindylow as a home companion, you might want to reconsider. Water demons aren’t the friendliest or most loyal creatures. They are particularly aggressive and prone to trying to strangle their prey with their long fingers. They may be small, but their sharp teeth and horns hint at their true nature. Still, if you can’t fight the urge to cuddle them in your home aquarium, it might be a good idea to practice your Jinx Revulsion. You know, just in case.

9. Doxies

Doxies are best likened to household pests like flies and ants. The winged fairy-like creatures can infest houses, and once they do, you better be careful as the queens can lay up to 500 eggs at a time. But besides being a nuisance, they are also deadly. Doxies have poisonous venom that requires an antidote if bitten. They might be small, but they might not be the best creature to snuggle up with on your next Netflix binge.

8. Thestrals

Although they were once considered harbingers of doom, thestrals are actually quite docile. They are intelligent, social, and ready to be used as transportation for humans. However, it’s easy to see how creepy their appearance can be. Their skeletal bodies and leathery bat-like wings make for a less than cuddly exterior, though their softness proves you should never judge a book – or magical creature – by its cover.


If you’re looking for a pet that can also be a protector, you can’t go wrong with a thunderbird. Relatives to phoenixes and closely resembling hippogriffs, thunderbirds are able to sense danger and create massive storms in flight. You may need a large outdoor space to keep them, but thunderbirds are a creature that poses no real threat to the humans they interact with.

6. Augureys

Augureys (or “Irish Phoenixes”) are magical birds of the wizarding world. With their pointed beaks and green-black feathers, they mostly look like small vultures. Augureys are known to be shy, so if you’re looking for a non-aggressive pet, they might be right up your alley (Diagon Alley). They can also predict when it’s going to rain, so you’ll always know when to grab an umbrella. They would also be useful for eating bugs and flies that sneak into your home, saving you tons of money on pest control.

5. Matagots

If you’re looking for a magical companion in the cat family, the sphinx-like matagot might be the closest you’ll find. Like cats, they are generally harmless but can be fierce when provoked. But be careful, because matagots are capable of multiplying, you could end up with a little more than you initially expected. It would be wise to buy a few extra boxes of Fancy Feast from the grocery store just in case.

4. Diricawls

These plump little birds can’t fly, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to track them. They have the ability to disappear and reappear elsewhere as a strategy to escape danger. Their little bodies covered in fluffy blue and pink feathers might make them incredibly cute, but diricawls are a magical creature that might not stay where you leave it.


As Newt reports in his book, bowtruckles are largely peaceful and timid tree-dwelling creatures. However, they aren’t shy about gouging your eyes out if you threaten them or their house. In terms of having a magical beast as a pet, you can’t get much better than a bowtruckle. They are small, easy to manage, and will give you the same respect you give them. Just try not to lose them, as their camouflage ability can make them difficult to locate.

2. Moon Calves

Mooncalves are shy insect-eyed creatures that only leave their burrows during a full moon. Their small size and smooth fur give them the appearance of being a cross between a cat and a llama. And due to their pleasant demeanor, these gentle creatures are not only lovable, they would also make great pets.

1. Nifflers

With their small size and fluffy black fur, Nifflers look a lot like platypus. They are generally harmless and known to be playful, gentle and affectionate towards their owners, making them a safe bet to have around the house. However, they love all things shiny, so you might want to lock up all your jewelry and assorted valuables before bringing one home.

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