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Camouflage absolutely loves affection and tends to go overboard pretty quickly. Camo is very excitable and he thinks he’s a lap dog – if you let him, he’ll 100% find his way onto your lap. Camo got the nickname “Chewbacca” because when playing with other dogs he can get quite boisterous and likes to snack on them. His coach in PACK says his game isn’t mean but “he’s a bit of a grizzly when he plays”. Some dogs may not like this style of play. (1 year, Lab/Husky mix)

Balto Adoptable Dog


Balto is a playful young puppy and loves to play with other dogs. He has a goofy personality and barks very loudly when he is unsure of the person he is meeting. He warms up quickly once he gets to know you. He graduated from PACK and is very smart! Ready to show off everything he’s learned! (1.5 years old, shepherd mix)

Porky Adoptable Dog


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Pork is a tall, lanky boy looking for a house who loves outdoor adventures! With Porky’s nose to guide you, you’re sure to find yourself in trouble as you explore. Porky likes to play with dogs in the PACK program but does better with dogs smaller than him. Porky is house and kennel trained, although he absolutely hates his kennel. He barks when left alone. Porky just wants to be with his people as much as possible! He has made progress in his kennel training but will need consistency if he is to master it. (1.5 years old, Coonhound mix)

adoptable dog Rocky


Rocky is a sweet pup with Wobbler Syndrome who is looking for a dedicated forever home! At that point he will be on a low dose steroid for the rest of his life. Surgery is not an option for him right now. He prefers to be a single dog and cannot live with cats. Rocky really is a “person”. He loves spending time with his adoptive parents and enjoys meeting new people. He even likes kids! Rocky’s favorite toys are kongs because they’re tough enough for him to chew on! And her favorite place is on the couch! (2 years old, pitbull mix)

Louie adoptable dog


Louis is a playful young puppy and enjoys being around other dogs. When playing with dogs, he likes to make a lot of noise. When he’s playing with his buddy Petey (a black lab) they run around together barking and growling all the time. Louie does well with children who respect a dog’s boundaries. Louie doesn’t get along well with cats and should go to a cat-free home. Because of how athletic Louie is, a 6-foot fence is needed to keep him safe in a backyard. Louie graduated from our PACK program and is super smart! He would love an adventurous home to keep him active! (1 year, Cattle Dog Mix)


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