Northport Adoptable Pets of the Week: Cosmo and Comet


NORTHPORT, NY – Cosmo (left) and Comet, 5-month-old siblings, are the Northport Cat Rescue Association’s Kittens of the Week. They’re disabled, but they certainly don’t act like that.

A woman called NCRA to report five kittens in a neighbor’s yard. The woman told the rescue that two of the kittens had missing limbs. NCRA directors went to the house and brought the five kittens back to their rescue cabin.

Comet, the little boy, was missing a hind leg and his sister, Cosmo, was missing both hind legs.

“It was quite a spectacle, but what was most amazing was how well Comet and Cosmo were able to move around and keep up with the antics of their silly siblings,” wrote volunteer Lora Wild. of the rescue, in a press release.

A veterinarian determined that Cosmo and Comet were born with the disease.

Both thrived with the rest of their siblings, although Cosmo sometimes needed access to carpeting to recharge, as running on a hardwood floor without two hind legs would bother her after a while, according to Wild.

The siblings were separated, with three of them going to foster care before being adopted into loving homes.

Comet and Cosmo went to adoptive mother Lisa Hausch and her doting family and their family cats. Rauch’s room is carpeted, which gave Cosmo more confidence.

“We never could have imagined how amazing these 2 would be,” Wild said. “Nothing can stop them. The word handicapped is barely mentioned when we describe these 2, mainly because they don’t realize they are handicapped. Comet can circle around any 4-legged cat. He didn’t let his disability slow him down one bit.. He’s a toy pig, demanding attention and whatever you or anyone plays with, he wants it. He likes to run and gets the zooms without no reason except to be silly. He likes to snuggle in your lap or sit on your chest or even on your shoulder for attention.”

He also loves mealtimes, as evidenced by his run at anyone who says “who’s hungry?”

One of Comet’s favorite treats is a dollop of whipped cream as he arrives to the sound of the cast, Wild said.

Cosmo is a very special little girl, Wild said. In her first foster home with all her siblings, she would sit on a pillow and watch her siblings’ wrestling matches.

“When she and Comet went to Foster Lisa’s, we immediately noticed how much more active she was able to be on the padded carpet,” Wild said. “Suddenly she became a fierce little wrestler. She started playing, chasing anything and everything, her 2 favorites being a laser and… her tail.”

Cosmo learned to use his voice to communicate, showcasing his intelligence. She’s clearly not in pain on a day-to-day basis, Wild said. He’s a cuddly bunny whether it’s with his foster humans in their beds or on the couch with his brother and his foster cats everywhere else. Give her a cozy pillow and she’s in heaven, Wild said.

“What do Cosmo and Comet need? A home. A family that can be attentive to their needs. Watching if Cosmo is overdoing it because she may be in pain. She needs someone to set boundaries sometimes, because she feels she has none. Comet and Cosmo love to wrestle. From time to time, their wrestling matches can be interrupted, because Cosmo will never give up. They need a house that has at least a room or two with carpet, let’s call it a safe zone, so they can rest their limbs on padding if need be. They need a family that won’t remind them of their disabilities but rather love them for all that. they are. Encourage them, maintain them at a level that almost any pet should be and care for them when needed. In return, you will receive the most rewarding and unconditional love you can imagine.

Cosmo and Comet snuggling together (Courtesy of Northport Cat Rescue Association)

Wild said the two kittens really need each other because they bond so well.

“When Cosmo meows, Comet comes running in, not even realizing he also has a disability, but instead just taking on the role of protective brother, caring for his sister. They adore each other.”

Neither had issues with the litter box, Wild said. They use a normal sized one. Both have a strong appetite. They are both FIV/FELV negative, neutered and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

“You will be amazed every day by these 2 loving lovebugs. They will inspire you and teach you to never give up. They are the heroes of this rescue. They have found the strength to persevere and endure despite overwhelming odds. Our rescue believed in these 2 from day one and are rooted for the most incredible happiness ever. Comet and Cosmo will show you that nothing is impossible.


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