Hinnyari Snack Time for Cats helps pets look cool and stay cool


All the cool cats in Japan have one.

Now that the Winter Olympics are behind us and all the creepy men dressed as pandas on the street have gone home, it’s time to prepare for the scorching summer months ahead of us. It’s a particularly tough time for our furry friends who have to endure the heat with a constant coat of fur. It’s a problem that CattyMan, the feline arm of major dog gear company DoggyMan, set out to solve with its line of Hinnyari Oyatsu Time (Icy Snack Time) Cat Beds.

There are three types of bed, starting with the Hinnyari Kakigori (frozen shaved ice) bed. This plush soft dome is shaped like a cup of ice chips dipped in strawberry syrup and a few extra cubes on the side that can be used as cushions for cats to rest their head on or just roam around the room like they hear it.

Then comes the Fresh fruit sandwich, which is a large, soft cushion shaped like a diagonally cut half-sandwich filled with whipped cream and fruit. When your cat walks in, he becomes one with the sandwich and is undoubtedly having sweet dreams next to his kiwi cushion.

The orange is also removable, allowing for different entry and exit orientations and aesthetic fruit orientations.

Finally, there is the Candy Soda Shuwatto (Effervescent Soda Candy) Bright blue bar-shaped bed of frozen candy. Its boxy shape is sure to appeal to kittens of all shapes and sizes, and comes with a blanket designed as a wrap for those not-so-warm nights or just for hiding. The wrapper/cover also makes a rustling noise when disturbed, which should drive cats wild with curiosity.

All of these beds don’t just look like they stay cool, they all use specially designed material that stays cool to the touch.

All Hinnyari Oyatsu Time beds are now on sale at pet supply stores in Japan, with prices varying by location. Fortunately, this gives cat owners more than enough time to find the style that best suits their pets‘ summer tastes before the heat really hits.

Source, images: TV news
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