Murder of Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie’s body ‘recovered’ by wild animals after shooting himself


rian Laundrie committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, police said.

Laundrie, 23, has been the subject of a hunt for more than a month as police investigate the death of Gabby Petito, 22, during a cross-country trip they took together .

Authorities have now revealed that Laundrie’s body was ‘scavenged’ and eaten by wild animals after her death.

Brian Laundrie speaks with police following an altercation between him and his girlfriend Gabrielle Petito

/ Moab City Police Department/AFP

An autopsy report also confirmed that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head which caused severe skull fractures.

However, the police managed to recover “the vast majority of [his] skeleton”, which was “scattered in plain sight”.

But his remains showed “moderately extensive carnivorous activity evidenced by multiple gouging and gnawing marks.”

“These areas are compatible with carnivores and/or omnivores, including dogs such as wild dogs and coyotes as well as rodents and raccoons,” the 47-page document adds.

Laundrie’s remains were believed to have been submerged in swamp water “for a long time” and were only recovered when they receded, according to medical examiners.

The high-profile case made headlines around the world for weeks.

Petito’s parents reported him missing on September 11, and his remains were discovered on September 19 at the edge of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. She had been dead for about a month, a coroner said.

The couple had visited the site during their trip, which they had documented on social media. An autopsy concluded that Petito had been strangled.


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