Northport adoptable pets of the week: Robin and Misha


NORTHPORT, NY – Robin and Misha, two 5-month-old brothers, are the Northport Cat Rescue Association’s Kittens of the Week.

Robin and Misha were found alone in the woods with their brother by a lady who fed the three siblings and called the Northport Cat Rescue Association for help, said Lora Wild, a rescue volunteer. Robin and Misha’s brother have been adopted, leaving them both waiting for their own homes.

Robin is gray, gentle, and shy, according to Wild.

“He loves to explore and observe everything that is going on around him,” she said. “With a little encouragement, he loves to play and is a purring machine when he is a pet.”

Robin (courtesy of Northport Cat Rescue Association)

Misha is also a bit shy, but he’s very sweet and likes to know what’s going on around him. It lights up when there is action around it. He and Robin get along well with the other cats.

“They’ve been in our habitats for a while now and maybe because they’re shy, have been overlooked,” Wild said. “We love when visitors come to visit our kittens and cats, but we’ve noticed that Misha and Robin rarely get the attention they so deserve. To get to know them though, you can see the glint in their eyes when someone is. one speaks softly to them through the doors of their habitat. “

Wild said all they needed was a chance to be loved in a house, and Cat Rescue knows their personalities will shine through then.

“They’ve been waiting for so long, in fact all they do is wait,” she wrote. “They are waiting for our volunteers to come and play, they are waiting for the visitors to come and say hello, and they are waiting for this adoption request that will finally come to them. All they need is a chance … “

Misha (courtesy of Northport Cat Rescue Association)

The two kittens are sterilized, have all their vaccines, are trained in litter and microchipped and negative FELV / FIV.

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