Only eight adoption days until Christmas – Nova and Lizzy are waiting for you


Looking for a new take on a holiday classic? Lizzy and Nova will keep you happy, with or without the partridge in a pear tree.

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On the first day of Christmas, and every day after, Lizzy promises to bring you true love, wrapped up in an adorable little bundle. And Nova will not bring you a pair of turtledoves, but she will bring you her tennis ball, as well as good news for you and your family every day of the year.

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While you are unlikely to find a partridge in a pear tree around these parts, you will find Lizzy curled up in a shelter cage. Lizzy is hoping for a change of scenery, and while twinkling lights and glittering adornments would be nice to see, a warm home and a caring hand is what she really wants to see.

“Who needs 10 lords to jump when you can purr a 10 year old kitten?” “-Lizzy -Annabelle

At 10 years old, Lizzie is well beyond the stage of “climbing the Christmas tree”. There is also the fact that she is a “tripod” kitten, with three legs instead of the usual four. While she may not be as dynamic as Ten Leaping Lords, Lizzy has adapted remarkably well to her recent operation. As well as being a rare tripod calico, Lizzy also has a squinted ear to complete the trifle of cuteness.

Shy but gentle, Lizzy loves to be stroked and her head massaged. Lizzy likes to sit next to her friends and snuggle up close, although she seems more of a cat sitting next to you than a lapcat. From there, she’ll take whatever chin scratches and head rubs you’re willing to give her. As she heads into her golden years, Lizzy would appreciate a quieter home without wild and mad kittens or rowdy dogs. However, she would probably appreciate a calm cat companion. Lizzy will need a little time to settle into her new home, but once she does, you’ll be rewarded with hugs and purrs.

Since Lizzy is 10 years old, her adoption fees have been prepaid by the “Save A Senior” program at the Burlington County Animal Shelter. If you want to make Lizzy part of your vacation traditions, submit an adoption application online through the Burlington County Animal Shelter. Petango (, enter the shelter postal code 08060, then go to the shelter page and click on Lizzy’s photo), then call the shelter at 609-265-5073 (ext. 4) to make an appointment.

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What could be more precious than five gold rings? Nova, five, of course!

A long-time resident of a shelter, Nova recently entered foster care where she blossomed. Nova is a very intelligent girl who knows many commands including sit, stay, lie down and come. She is also trained at the cash desk and at home.

“All I’ve been hearing lately is Noel, Noel… When is it going to be Nova, Nova?” “-Nova

But this studious girl isn’t all about work and not play. In fact, Nova is an expert at the ball game. She even considered going pro, but decided it would mean too much time away from her new family forever.

Nova would love a fenced in yard where she could work on her ball handling skills and spend time with her family. She’s also a dedicated hugger who thinks she’s a dog on her knees and enjoys a nice tummy massage while she’s up there.

Nova will need to be the only pet in her new home, as she is selective towards her dog friends and has a large number of prey. Nova’s new family will receive one month of free training from Alpha & Omega Working Dogs.

Submit an adoption application online through the Burlington County Animal Shelter Petango (, enter the shelter postal code 08060, then go to the shelter page and click on the photo of Nova), then call the shelter at 609-265-5073 (ext. 4) to make an appointment.

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The Burlington County Animal Shelter is located at 35 Academy Drive in Westampton. From now until December 31, adoption fees are waived for adult cats and only $ 15 for adult dogs like Nova. To submit an adoption request, visit or call 609-265-5073 and choose option 4 to make an appointment. For more information visit

This article originally appeared in the Burlington County Times: Animals of the week: Adopt a tripod calico or a sport dog for holiday happiness

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