12 Christmas Pets: Advertiser’s Power Pets 2022 Calendar


They are the pets of our most influential people. Take a look at these adorable famous creatures – from mutts to chickens and even a horse – who are joining forces for a very good cause.

They are the pets of some of South Australia’s biggest movers and shakers.

From politicians to police officers, we’ve been to the homes of some of our state’s most influential people to meet their kind, fluffy offsiders.

And it’s for a good cause – they’ll all appear on The Advertiser Foundation’s limited edition 2022 Power Pets calendar, with proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House SA.

Twelve of the special edition calendars will be auctioned off by Marc du Plessis, who donated his time. Click here to go to the Plessis website to register for this special private auction.

The winning bidder will also receive a Christmas card from one of the influencers pictured.

Each day, the announcer reveals one of 12 special photos of pets that will appear in the calendar. Take a look below.


Police Commissioner Grant Stevens with dogs Gracie and Zoe

When it comes to his dogs, one would expect the best cop Grant Stevens to go for a mighty, majestic, or obedient breed: German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Dobermans come to mind.

Instead, Mr. Stevens and his family have two beloved mini Dachshunds, and it has to be said – they are very cute.

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First Steven Marshall with Braveheart horse

Steven Marshall says every prime minister needs a brave heart to do their job well, especially during a global pandemic.

“My Courageous is a special 23-year-old who has sired over 17 foals, many of whom have been endurance champions,” said Mr. Marshall.

“Personally, I’m not good at horseback riding, but I have fond memories of spending time with my sisters and their horses,” said Mr. Marshall.

“Braveheart has enjoyed endurance for many years and is now living his best life at Hazelmere Agistment, Echunga.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his dog Buddy

Despite having perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the country, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his best friend was always there to greet him at the end of his day.

“It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend,” said the Liberal leader.

“Well, Buddy is a Prime Minister’s best friend.”

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State Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas with children Jack, Sophie and Eliza, and pets Sarah and Poppy

The Malinauskas family say that chickens are pets that give eggs.

“Our children Sophie, Jack and Eliza love our chickens,” Labor leader Peter Malinauskas says of his family’s small flock.

“Santa Claus delivered them a few years ago as a gift for the children. I will never forget the look on children’s faces the first time they saw them.

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Independent MP Rebekha Sharkie with dog Lulu

Lulu weighs 68kg of unconditional love for MP Mayo Rebekha Sharkie. No matter what time the politician comes home from work, without fail, the Great Dane greets him with a wet nose – and wagging tail.

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Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese with dog Toto

Politics is a tough game, but Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese knows he will always be greeted by his loyal companion, Toto, when he returns home.

“When I have been away for a bit – in parliament or on the road – there is nothing quite like coming in and opening the front door,” Albanese said.

“In this moment of wild joy, Toto is poetry in turmoil. “

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Senator Penny Wong with her dog Shadow

Without a shadow of a doubt, South Australian Senator Penny Wong’s beloved dog has been a source of solace during the painful Covid-19 pandemic.

The Labor Senator says her playful black Labrador, named Shadow, is an adorable “containment dog”.

“Like so many other families, we succumbed to very strong representations of our daughters during long periods at home at the start of the pandemic,” she said.

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Liberal MP and Sturt James Stevens MP with dog Frankie

Man’s best friend has helped Liberal MP James Stevens and his family fight pandemic loneliness.

Their former Guide Dogs SA Labrador, Frankie, has been a great companion through difficult times.

“Dogs are such wonderful companions, and over the past few years with the social distancing rules, they have been a godsend,” said Stevens.


Governor Frances Adamson with dog Alfie

Governor Frances Adamson’s cavoodle Alfie probably hasn’t visited every room in his new playground at Government House yet.

Alfie is still adjusting to his new home, but Ms Adamson said he was “full of that cavoodle spirit” and loved all of his new visitors.

“Alfie loves welcoming people to Government House, but finds the size of the house and the grounds a lot to cover for a small dog,” Ms. Adamson said.

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Speaker Dan Cregan with the dog Ted

As the new Speaker of the South Australia House of Assembly, Dan Cregan knows a thing or two about air combat, but at home he prefers to chill out with his best friend Ted.

“Ted is the kind of dog you can take anywhere and he loves people,” Mr. Cregan said.

However, the generally well-tempered Labrador has an enemy.

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