Fire destroys house in Alberton – Total loss and many pets killed


A nearly 100-year-old house in Alberton burned to the ground from Saturday night to Sunday morning and although the family escaped the flames, several pets did not.

Mel Holtz, public information officer for the Frenchtown Rural Fire District, shared the story with KGVO News just as the blaze was being cleaned up on Sunday.

“Just before midnight last night we got a call for a house fire that was fully involved,” Holtz said. “Our teams arrived on site and the house was certainly fully involved. It was an older two story house in Alberton. All the occupants were able to leave unharmed. It was a family of six but they ended up losing everything in this fire.

Holtz said the family was heartbroken that several pets did not survive the blaze, although some smaller animals were rescued.

photo courtesy of Mel Holtz, Frenchtown Rural Fire

“Several pets died in the fire, including dogs and cats,” he said. “But we were able to save a few ferrets. We took these ferrets to the Missoula Pet Emergency Center, where they are currently receiving life-saving care. But they seem to be bouncing back for now. “It was a pretty tragic event last night that moved an Alberton family from their home.”

Holtz described the response of firefighting agencies in the area.

“We asked for mutual aid with Missoula Rural Fire,” he said. “Plus, we had the Missoula emergency services there, and the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office helped us as well. We finished with some sort of recovery and overhaul of this fire around six this morning. So it took some time to get this under control, as well as the salvage and overhaul operations, especially with those old Alberton buildings. It’s such a shame to see another old historic house get lost in Alberton.

Holtz said the family had asked for help from anyone who would like to support the surviving animals being treated in Missoula.

photo courtesy of Mel Holtz, Frenchtown Rural Fire

“Because they lost everything, they have emergency pet expenses and the family is asking for help,” he said. “So if anyone wants to take care of the vet’s bills, they can call the Missoula Pet Emergency Center to help. “

There was no immediate estimate of the damage from the fire, but Holtz said the house and all of their belongings were a total loss.

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