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In real life, having a pet creates fun times and also gives us more responsibility; with big hugs, big damage happens in the house, but we know that these companions are irreplaceable. In video games, the situation is not much different. From puppies to mystical creatures, having an animal partner to help with the challenges of the journey changes the gaming experience dramatically.

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  • Some beings are there just to let us stroke them (which is great), but others are true supportive castings and sometimes overshadow the protagonists. In this spirit,


    has separated the best pets in the game world, for you to remember or meet with dogs, cats, birds, dinosaurs and other iconic partners. The list does not follow an order of preference, but rather chronologically, according to the start date of each of the elected officials.

    11. Chocobo (Final Fantasy Franchise, 1024)

    The Big Bird is a very present figure in the franchise and is so popular that it even had its own games; such as

    Chocobo GP, a racing game

    Mario Kart. In

    Final fantasy

    , avian creatures are like horses and used by NPCs and players as mounts, beasts of burden, and other similar functions.

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    Yellow, and the most famous, does not fly. But other variations of the breed, such as blue, red, black, and gold, can take flight and are still able to swim. In certain

    franchise titles, it is still possible to have creature farms to create variations and use them to reach places inaccessible on foot.

    . Yoshi (Mario Series, 1990)

    One of the video game world’s most beloved dinosaurs first appeared in Super mario world

    (you surely sacrificed him to reach a faraway place, at least once) and then he was a playable character in full-fledged games, like in Mario kart

    and in so many other games in the Nintendo universe. Yoshi even won his own games, like

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island


    Yoshi’s woolly world

    and the last

    Yoshi’s craft world


    Initially, it would be a horse, but due to the technical limitations of video games at the time, it had to be adapted for another animal partner. It worked really well, didn’t it? Yoshi, you are iconic!

    . Dogmeat (Fallout Series, 926)

    A dog named “dog food” in an apocalyptic universe has everything to be remarkable. The beautiful animal appeared in the first

    Fallout, and since then he has always been a “champion dog” for the player in fighting threats and searching for supplies. Dogmeat’s company is indispensable on this radioactive and often lonely journey.

    Several appearances of Dogmeat (clockwise) in Fallout Sheltter, Fallout 4, Fallout 3 and Fallout (Image: Reproduction / Fallout Wiki)

    9. Pikachu and others (Pokemon Yellow, 1997)

    The iconic yellow electric mouse became very popular due to the Pokémon anime, but thanks to the Game Boy Color game, players had the experience of walking around Kanto accompanied by Pikachu as well as Ash Ketchum. The function of walking with one of the little monsters was also repeated in

    HearthGold & SoulSilver


    Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee

    and via

    Sword and Shield

    Pokémon Yellow, HeartGold, and Let’s Go (Image: Play / Nintendo / Poke Mythology / Amazon)
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    8. Epona (Zelda Franchise, 1999)

    The mare gave her first gallops in

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    , by Nintendo 48, to be the companion and faithful squire of Link in all his adventures thereafter. Living at Lon Lon Ranch and cared for by farmer Malon, Epona is very wild, but is tamed by the protagonist when he plays a song at the Ocarina. When it comes to equine companions in games, the mare is certainly the best known and most loved.

    7. Cut (Grand Theft Auto V, 1997)

    The good-humored Rottweiler goes from the untrustworthy hands of Lamar to his quiet (or almost) life with Franklin. In the GTA 5

    campaign, it is even possible to control the dog in a tracking mission. Outside of the activities, the protagonist can play with him in the streets, take a walk and even use the iFruit app to take care of him as a virtual pet, change the color of his collar and even teach him tricks.

    (Image: Disclosure / Rockstar Games)

    6. Riley (Call of Duty: Ghosts, 2014)

    The Ghosts Squad canine agent is a secondary character and has the same functions as the dogs used by the police and the military. The friendly German Shepherd is able to sniff out explosives and even stealthily attack enemies, aiding his guardians David “Hesh” Walker and Logan Walker and the entire Special Battalion in various campaign missions.

    To create Riley, the development team had the help of the US Navy Special Operations Forces, who took a K9 agent (the dogs trained by defense agencies around the world) into the studio to understand their routine, their behaviors and capture your movements.

    5. Walt (Valiant Hearts, 1997)

    The Doberman Pinscher is one of the faithful companions and great helpers of those who play the exciting game of Ubisoft. In addition to helping the player solve puzzles and tasks on the map, the adorable dog explored his story in the interactive comics released for mobile in 2014.

    The game is sad enough on its own, but a good spoiler is that Walt is the only character who cannot die, regardless of actions taken throughout the game.

    4. Morgane (Persona 5, 2016)

    The coolest thing about the black and white cat is that even he doesn’t escape the dilemmas of the other characters in the fifth. Character

    . Without remembering too much of her past, Morgana has this feline figure, but identifies a bit more with a human, something that can be explored a lot in gameplay.

    Throughout the game and derivative productions, we see the feline taking a human form in fact, but also a conventional domestic cat and even a van.

    The different forms of Morgana (Image: Reproduction / Megami Tensei Wiki / wryytart)

    3. Trico (Last Guardian, 2016)

    The half-feline, half-dog, and half-bird creature is a big (literally) cutie from the PS4 exclusive. The friend, protector and companion of the protagonist of

    The Last Guardian starts off very hostile to the boy, but they soon form a beautiful bond which is explored and enhanced throughout the game. There are a lot of tears involved.

    Trico helps solve puzzles and tasks, but also fights enemies and threats that appear during the journey. A curious feature of him is that his eyes change color depending on his mood, a subtle detail that makes him even cooler.

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