Stop throwing your pets in the Connecticut wilderness


When I hear the term invasive species, I think of exotic plants and animals like a Venus fly trap, or the bane of all waterways – the dreaded zebra mussel. But, there are also cute invasive species. Certain species of rabbits, goldfish, reptiles, and amphibians are also considered invasive, and they have all been recently found in the wild here in CT.

I saw a Connecticut Fish and Wildlife article Over the weekend, it contained a photo of three goldfish recently caught in Wolcott’s Mad River after someone released them. The CT DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) also reported that it was able to catch an individual who released two common carp in the Valley Falls pond in Vernon.

Invasive species can be a plague on our local ecosystem. Some non-native species can grow too large and supplant native species, displacing them. This is where we and CT DEEP need to come in.

I also saw a post in a local Danbury Facebook group I belong to, from colleague Adriana H, in which Adriana reiterated that throwing or releasing domesticated rabbits into the wild is illegal and, more importantly, cruel. Adriana states in her message that she and other rabbit foster families around CT are more than full of people illegally dumping their rabbits in the wild.

Adriana, along with CT DEEP have posted their public posts in the hope that you will give it some serious thought and don’t release your pet back into the wild. There are many resources available to you here at CT – shelters, foster families, local animal control and adopters – that will put your dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs and domestic turtles out of harm’s way.

Please stop and think before releasing your pet into the wild. If you think you are doing your pet a favor and letting them “free” you are not. Instead of releasing your alligator into the Connecticut River, like someone did recently in the Springfield, Massachusetts area, approach DEEP Connecticut, your local municipal animal control service, or do a quick search for animal shelters or wildlife rehabilitation centers in your area.

The Wildest Encounters of Wildlife in the Greater Danbury Area

Things can get crazy if you live in the Greater Danbury, CT area, just ask anyone with a camera. The Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95 did just that, asking our listeners to share their animal encounters. Lions, tigers, bears, wow.

Birds and animals emerge from their hiding places in the town of New Fairfield

Sightings of the Grand Danbury Bobcat, too close for comfort

This morning (28/21/21) on the Ethan and Lou Show, we were discussing a viral video from North Carolina. In it, a couple were brutally attacked by a rabid lynx but according to United States today, they’ll be OK.

It got me into a tirade about bobcats because he’s one of my pet peeves. In the Greater Danbury area, wildlife sightings are frequent and when an animal is photographed everyone crowds in and says, yes me too Did you see a bear? I saw a bear!

I argued that too many people claim to have seen bobcats recently, and without proof. I said, look, I know they’re prevalent, but they can’t be around in numbers that people will lead you to believe. All Franks and Frans in the area say they saw one yesterday.

I said, if you’ve seen a bobcat, prove it. Looks like I might have underestimated bobcats and Ethan and Lou’s listeners because they proved it and rushed. It is the Bobcat sightings of Grand Danbury that are too close to be comfortable.

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