Videos reveal how farm animals see the world


As the owner of Golden Shaw Farm in northern Vermont, Morgan Gold leads a pretty busy life. He and his wife Allison take care of 142 animals, including ducks, geese, chickens, cats and a giant, fluffy white dog named Toby. But while the humans on the farm go through their day, the animals experience life from a whole different perspective. In order to find out how his fluffy and feathered friends see the world, Gold decided to attach a small camera to them.

In various videos shared on Gold’s Instagram, you can watch different farm animals go around the farm, but from their personal perspective. Gold has mounted a small, lightweight camera on one of his “mad runner ducks”, which, true to its nickname, is captured rushing through a field with his fellow ducks. At one point the camera gets a little wet when the group goes swimming in a pond, but when it dries you can see the webbed legs of the duck as it looks down.

Gold has also attached a camera to Pablo the barn cat, who walks around the farm and even tries to steal the dog’s food. When the camera is mounted on Toby, the guardian of the cattle, the footage shows how he diligently follows Gold and makes sure the birds on the farm are safe. You can also see how a rooster named Alexander Hamilhen sees the world, as well as a single mother chicken who “raises two teenage boys on her own.” And in one particularly adorable video, the mounted camera captured a tiny barn kitten exploring the farm – you can even hear it purring!

Watch the fascinating videos below and follow Gold on Instagram for more farm updates.

Morgan Gold, the owner of Gold Shaw Farm in northern Vermont, has fixed a tiny camera on his animals in order to capture what the world looks like from their perspective.

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All images via Morgan Gold.

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