Egyptians share weirdest fun facts about their pets


Egyptians share weirdest fun facts about their pets

Anyone who has had a pet can say that animals have their own unique personality traits and quirks, just like humans. Watching our pets’ personalities develop as they grow up can be a truly fascinating and enjoyable experience.

My cat, Nimliss, loves music and always tries to sing along whenever I sing another song from the Hamilton musical. He starts following me around the house, meowing with the words and purring like there is no tomorrow. After much observation, I concluded that his favorite piece from the musical is Satisfied.

Photo: Mona Bassel

Every house lucky enough to have a pet has a million stories similar to this one, which is why I took to social media to ask Egyptians about the quirks they noticed about their animals. companionship, and their responses did not disappoint.

Some pets have human tendencies …

“Lolita doesn’t eat unless we’re standing next to her bowl, she even walks up to us – mainly my mom – and keeps meowing until she takes her to the bowl (which already contains the bowl). food) and my mother stays there until she has finished eating. She only wakes us up for this purpose. I find her more human in her than she only eats when there is company and that she hates eating alone unless she is starving to death. I find that both strange and cute! – Sara Abo ElKassem, 29 years old

Photo credit: Sara Abo ElKassem

“Oscar is Oscar’s father. He raises her like a single cat father and they come and go together all the time. Except since she was born he looks more and more stressed like he’s putting a roof over his head and feeding her (he doesn’t, I do) but I appreciate it the executed paternity of it all. – Nour Sherif, 22 years old

Oscar and Oscara.
Photo: Nour Sherif

“My Terter bird loves his mate Tara so much that he won’t groom our third Tete bird or let her come near him when Tara is around so that she doesn’t get jealous.” – Mahmoud Khattab, 30 years old

Photo: Mahmoud Khattab

“My mom always says my cat, Bosy, is more of a wild animal than a pet. We once went to the vet clinic and she fought a whole crowd of men on her own, literally scratching them and causing them to bleed because she was trying to defend herself. It got to the point where the vet himself was afraid to approach her, and even when he gave her some sleeping medicine, she was fighting it while she was half asleep. She is really fierce and savage. – Mirna Abdulaal, 24

Photo: Mirna Abdulaal

Some pets are obsessed with really unusual foods …

“A friend was eating pickles and Mansour came begging for food so my friend put the pickles near his face to show him that it was not something he would enjoy and Mansour ended up gobbling them up – he loved it! That’s how we discovered he loved pickles. We later found out that he also liked mangoes. – Ziad Hisham, 25

Mansour. Photo: Ziad Hisham

“Beta loves pistachio shells; so much so that we cannot throw them in the trash because he hunts them. – Laila Hassaballa, 32 years old

Photo: Laila Hassaballa

“We always catch Bahaa sneaking through grocery bags to eat tomatoes and cucumbers. He also loves watermelon! – Hadeer Aldoh, 31 years old

Photo: Hadeer Aldoh

Some are extra affectionate …

“Carrot Cake loves to sit this way when she’s tired or pregnant. My boy, Hossam, knows when one of us has just returned from the hospital and sleeps next to us to comfort us. Also, when I fight with my mom, he comes over and hugs me and stays until I’m done crying. – Nadine Khaled, 23 years old

Carrot cake.
Photo credit: Nadine Khaled
Hossam (left). Photo credit: Nadine Khaled

“Dio absolutely LOVES it when I cover his face if he lies on top of me. He will purposefully push my hand and dig his face under it so that my hand covers his face.” – Marie Aravanis, 28

Photo: Marie Aravanis

“Panda, aka Fasfoosa, slept in my hoodie pocket when she was a puppy. For some reason, she also really hates people who ride motorcycles or wear galabeyas and tries to chase them away. “- Ahmed Diaa, 30 years old

Photo: Ahmed Diaa

Some have strange obsessions …

“Kenzy once stole a Nokia 6600 from a random guy in a suit who was stroking it. She just put the phone in her mouth, ran over to my dad and dropped him onto her knees with the guy running behind her… no idea why she did this, that was the only time. – Khaled Halawa, 33 years old

Photo credit: Khaled Halawa

“Fuji is obsessed with light reflections, but I recently learned that it is not good for dogs to become so obsessed with lights, so now I’m working to help him overcome this addiction. Some days he comes into my room and stares at the wall waiting for any light and I have to distract him. – Aya Zain, 29 years old

Photo: Aya Zain

“I honestly think Pixel thinks there is another dimension inside pillow cases. He likes to put his face in any pillowcase and then screams. It’s hilarious because the sound is still muffled, not sure if other dogs are doing that or if he’s just extra silly. – Ihab El Shazly, 32 years old

Photo: Ihab El Shazly

“When Sergeant Pepper was a puppy he would bite or chew everything. We couldn’t even leave it in the same room as shoes or socks. But the two most dramatic incidents happened when one day my father left a stack of working papers on the coffee table in the living room and we forgot to close the door before we left. We went back to what was practically paper confetti. Another time my cousin was visiting us abroad and he had a lot of money in his wallet. Having not met Sergeant Pepper before and ignoring his little quirk, my cousin put the wallet on a low table and left the room, returning again to find silver confetti.

Luckily, Sergeant Pepper gave up on this habit a few years ago, and now at 10 years old, we can leave him in the same room with anything, really. He’s actually one of the sweetest and wisest dogs I’ve ever met. – Amina Zaineldine, 28

Sergeant Pepper.
Photo: Amina Zaineldine

Most importantly, they continue to embellish our days with their antics!

“Memesa Elmedamesa once helped my mother catch a bat that flew into our house. Mohsen El7arami loves to steal pens, money, tampons, lighters and cigarettes from bags. It is also an absolute unit: eight kilos!

As for Zaghlool el-Geniena, I picked him up from the beach last year while I was at the hotel with my friend (he was a few weeks old). There was no litter box in the hotel, so that night he would wake me up with meowing in my ears to walk through the garage to do his stuff in a flowerpot and back. Each time, I told myself that if he didn’t come back, I would understand, but he did. – Cinderella Nabil, 37 years old

From left to right: Memesa ElMedamesa, Zaghlool el-Geniena and Mohsen El7arami
Photo: Cinderella Nabil

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