Kerala Forest Department to repair electric fences to keep wildlife away in Kozhikode


As a temporary solution to the threat of wildlife, the Forestry Department has decided to repair all damaged electric fences along the forest borders in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. Given the increase in complaints from settler farmers, more vulnerable areas will be identified to erect electric fences.

The fences will first be installed in the constituency of the Thiruvambady Assembly.

The threat of wild animals, including elephants and wild boars, has been endemic for several years thanks to the proximity of farmland to forest borders. Although there are trenches in some areas, a majority of farmers are still vulnerable.

Meanwhile, farmers’ organizations said damaged electric fences had not been repaired for years due to lack of funds. Although they took the matter to authorities, there had been no favorable response until recently, they complained.

In addition, the Forestry Department did not support a proposal by farmer settlers to plant a prickly variety of wild palms along forest borders to prevent entry of wildlife. The farmers alleged that the ministry rejected their offer to help complete the planting process.

On Friday, a section of farmers staged a protest in front of the Thamarassery forestry office.

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