Flintshire: Owners urged to avoid selling pets online after junk pets increase


Pet owners are urged to avoid selling their dogs on social media, but instead take them to a rescue center.

When the UK was plunged into a nationwide lockdown in March 2020, the country ‘went wild’ over puppies because of the ‘perfect opportunity’.

Pet insurance company PetPlan surveyed more than 2,000 pet owners in the UK and found that a quarter of them regretted or feared taking possession of a pet during the lockdown.

Rescue centers in Flintshire have also noticed an increase in the number of unwanted pets, especially as Covid restrictions are relaxed.

A spokesperson for the Holywell-based North Clwyd Animal Rescue said the increase in unwanted pets has become more apparent recently, with more dogs on their waiting list that are locked up puppies.

They added: “The sad thing is that these 9-12 month old puppies or teens are coming in after their owners have spent a lot of money on them, and don’t have time for them now because they are. back to work.

“Our advice would be to make sure you contact rescues like us to take your dog if you can no longer keep him, consider optional dog day care, but please do not sell them on facebook or other social media sites .

“Make sure they go to loving homes, as these sites are known for people looking for bait dogs or puppies for sale. Please go to a good rescue and they’ll be happy to help.”

The Almost Home Dog Rescue, based in Nercwys, has also seen an increase in the number of dogs needing their help.

A spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, people’s lives have changed which has made it impossible for them to offer their dog the right time; it could be due to lack of funds or the owners of the dogs being cared for etc. .

“We have seen an increase in the number of dogs coming to us through social services or vets. We brought in young puppies that were purchased during the lockdown but were signed for reasons they could not control. .

“Fortunately, they chose to go through the rescue center instead of selling them on auction sites, which could lead to a terrible result. When the lockdown rules were eased for the first time, we saw a few more dogs in need of us, but it seems to have eased again.

“Now we seem to have dogs that haven’t had the right start in life. It could be because they left their mothers too early or people made the wrong breed choice when choosing. of a puppy.

“However, as a rescue we aim to educate the next generation of dog owners – we have been to elementary schools, high schools, universities and WI meetings etc. All with the aim of educating them. people.”


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