JC Wildfire Course + Local farm animals ‘gutted’ in the middle of the drought

Yep, it’s Friday! Simone here with your weekend edition of the Healdsburg Daily. Keep everyone up to date with what’s going on locally so you can start your weekend knowingly.

First, your weather forecast for the weekend:

  • Friday: It’s gonna be another hot one. Sunny and clear all day, with wind gusts up to 18mph. High: 95 Low: 55.
  • On Saturday: Cloudy in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. High: 88 Low: 49.
  • Sunday: Sunny again. High: 87 Low: 48.

Here are the top 5 stories from Healdsburg today:

  1. More news today on local farms struggle to continue through this brutal drought. Healdsburg Farmhouse porch on Rio Linda Drive over the Russian River has “had such a reduction in water that they stop selling in our market at the end of this month”, Healdsburg Farmers Market Manager Janet Ciel writes in the Trib. Other vendors at the farmer’s market who had to cut their offers due to the drought included Longer table farm in Santa Rosa and Achadinha cheese factory in Petaluma, according to the market manager. (SoCoNews Healdsburg)
  2. In particular, Sonoma County farmers with large animals are feeling the pinch of drought-era agriculture, reports PD. The constraint to keep cows, horses and goats living on limited water, limited grazing grasses and increasingly expensive hay would force many farmers to slaughter their herds. There was even an increase “Dump” farm animals “in a neighbor’s field or on a country road,” hoping someone else can take care of them, says a local rescuer. “You didn’t know pain until you saw a 84 year old farmer crying for his cows and its land dries up. “(Sacramento Bee & Press Democrat; paying wall)
  3. Wildlife in Sonoma County also suffer from drought. With their the streams have dried up, many frogs and other amphibians “are impossible to breed this year“Says Dana Riggs, a biologist at Petaluma. Meanwhile, the larger mammals” roam the sparsely populated areas at night ‘in search of a drink’ and can be scared, nervous and desperate for watersays a representative from Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Here’s how you can be most usefulI. (Petaluma Argus-Courier)
  4. It’s great: the Santa Rosa JC throw a “Forest fire resilience program” within the school’s Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Which means by this fall, you can take lessons such as “Sustainable agricultural production with animals”, “Restoration of native habitats” and “Landscape plants: summer / autumn”. Find out more here. (Santa Rosa Junior College)
  5. The New York Times has a great video report live titled “Meet the People Burning California to Save It”, which explores the prescribed burning method limit the damage caused by forest fires. The Times reporters ask the question: “Why is California not light more? “(New York Times; paying wall)

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Healdsburg Photos of the Day, Library Edition:

“Looks like early fall at the Healdsburg Library… Beautiful foliage! (Photo courtesy of Tracy Immordino)
“Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit! Hello from Demeter Frog in your cool and splashing Healdsburg library fountain!” (Photo courtesy of Tracy Immordino)

Today in Healdsburg:

  • Healdsburg Bike Tour at Giro Vigneti (7 am-3pm)
  • Healdsburg Saturday Farmers market (8:30 am-12pm)
  • Hike with Cub Pack 25 at Riverfront Regional Park (10:45 a.m.)
  • Healdsburg Prune Packers Baseball games at the leisure park (3 p.m., 6 p.m.)
  • Live music by Melissa Fulkerson at Spicy Vines (3 p.m.-6 p.m.)
  • Americana Festival with The Highway Poets at Rodney Strong Vineyards Green concert (5-7 p.m.)
  • Live Jazz at the Healdsburg Hotel: David Correa Trio (5 pm-8pm)
  • The SIMI cellar “Wine is food” festival (6 p.m. to 8 p.m.)
  • Hi Jude Live at Coyote Sonoma (6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)
  • Live music on the Russian River: Amy Obenski (6 pm-10pm)

Sunday August 1

  • Volunteer opportunity: Work on the Sonoma Lake Trail (8h00)
  • Comstock wine estate White Flight Brunch (11 am-12.30pm)
  • VML summer concert with Nicole marden (11 am-1pm)
  • Summer Sunday music with Ricky Ray to Truett Hurst (11 am-4pm)
  • Live at Duke’s fiery cocktails: Lara Louise (5 pm-8pm)
  • Live music on the Russian river: Brian Francis Baudoin (6 pm-10pm)

Healdsburg Notebook

  • In case you missed the one from yesterday Healdsburg Housing Forum, the full recording is available to watch on Facebook. And the Trib has a good overview of all affordable housing projects go down the pike – including in the Mill District, North Village development; the development of the hills of Saggio; and one Burbank Housing Project on Dry Creek Road. (Facebook & SoCoNews Healdsburg)
  • Did you know that all Californians can request a digital copy of their vaccination record? (State of california)
  • It was initially the largest homeless shelter in Sonoma County, now it’s county jail. Read about the latest COVID-19 outbreak in Santa Rosa. (Press Democrat; paying wall)
  • According to foodies at Sonoma Mag, the best avocado toast in Healdsburg can be found at Plank Coffee on the northwestern outskirts of town. (Sonoma Magazine)
  • Another earthquake baby hit late Wednesday night on Sonoma-Lake County Line. (Healdsburg crest)
  • Check bell schedule for the 2021-22 school year at Healdsburg High School. (Facebook)
  • Matt Jenkins “was appointed by City Manager Jeff Kay to serve as the next Healdsburg Police Chief“, according to the city. He was once interim chief. (Facebook)
  • Here is what west street of downtown looked like the mid 50s. (Facebook)
  • And here is what Lake Sonoma looked like in the late ’70s, early’ 80s, when it was just starting to become filled with water. (Facebook)

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