Giant Lego sea animals arrive at Knowsley Safari for the Bricklive Ocean Summer Trail


Almost 30 giant Lego sea animals have arrived at Knowsley Safari for their new Bricklive Ocean event.

Over 1.3m of bricks were used to create the statues, weighing over 3,317kg in total, roughly the same as seven hammerhead sharks.

The collection of 28 life-size brick models showcases the vast array of creatures that the ocean is home to, including marine mammals, fish, sharks, crustaceans, corals and a host of other fascinating life-size brick models. all shapes and sizes.

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Highlights include an impressive killer whale, built from over 220,000 bricks and measuring over four meters in length, and the yellowfin tuna, a surprisingly large fish over three feet long.

There will be plenty of opportunities to interact – with a head-in-the-hole selfie area and a sit-in submarine.

The event runs from now until September 5th.

Rachel Scott, Marketing Manager for Knowsley Safari, said: “We are delighted to be able to host Bricklive Ocean this summer, which should entertain and educate children and families about the incredible diversity of life in Earth’s oceans.

Establishing their home on the Foot Safari, the Ocean Sculptures will join the real animals of Knowsley Safari, including Amur tigers, giraffes, meerkats and bush dogs in what promises to be “an unforgettable day in the midst of the mountains. nature”.

Visitors can approach the models to appreciate both the scale of the creatures and gain insight into life on the seabed that would otherwise remain largely inaccessible.

The trail is included in the ticket price – £ 13.50 for children and £ 17.10 for adults at peak times if you book online. Children under three are free. Visit the site to book.


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