Sam Neill names his farm animals after his Jurassic World co-star is so on the mark and I love him


If there is anything jurassic park, and now Jurassic World Star Sam Neill is known to mingle with wildlife in a way only he could. Although the bulk of his social media presence isn’t focused on dinosaur incidents, but more so on the farm events he calls home in New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean the legendary actor left memories of the park behind, as he names some of his animals after famous people, along with his Jurassic teammates being a fair game for such treatment.

While promoting his latest film, a heartwarming film titled Rams, Rotten tomatoes managed to squeeze in a question related to this same topic. Ask if Sam Neill named a particular animal after its Jurassic World: Dominion stage partner Chris Pratt, a rather interesting conversation emerged. And as you will see in the following excerpt, one of the jurassic park friends Is have an animal named after them; even if there are no Pratts in his menagerie:

RT: I get the rap hard, here. So, finally, is there an animal named for Chris Pratt on the farm now? Neill: There’s no Chris Pratt yet, but I’m sure I can find a victim. RT: What animal would Chris Pratt be if you had to pick one? Neill: I don’t know. They just come to me. There’s Jeff Goldblum up there [looking out of his window] – I can just see it from a distance, right next to the electricity pylon. RT: What kind of animal is he? Neill: He’s a retired ram. He has two friends.

“A retired ram” with “a few friends” almost sounds like Jeff Goldblum’s biography on social media, so for Sam Neill, using his dear friend’s name for such an animal is absolutely on the mark. You could practically imagine hanging out with Mr. Goldblum, the Aries or the jurassic park a staple of the franchise, listening to jazz piano and singing the greatest hits in American songbook every day. However, depending on which Jeff you’re playing with, you’ll either get a perfectly tuned counter-melody or a nudge with horns. Either way, expect some slight harm.

However, when it comes to giving a farm animal the name Chris Pratt, as Sam Neill said, he will take inspiration from the good beast to help him accomplish that particular task. That hasn’t stopped other celebrities from heading to Mr. Neill’s pens, as one of his most recent posts (pictured below) on Twitter showed a family of chicks born to a hen who bears the name Avatar sequel star and fellow legend Kate Winslet.

Who knows when Sam Neill will open his mind’s door and name one of his farm animals after? from the jurassic world Chris Pratt? There is no pressure for such a decision, because Jurassic World: Dominion won’t be in theaters until next year, and Neill’s farm will likely continue to grow and prosper in the meantime. However, if he allowed us to make a friendly suggestion on which animal should receive such honors, we would say Chris Pratt would be a cute name for the next working dog to be welcomed into Two Paddocks Farms; especially if it is an Alpha.


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