Qatar Airways pledges to bring wild animals back to their habitat free of charge – Middle East Monitor


Qatar Airways Cargo, the cargo division of the Doha-based airline, has announced the second phase of its WeQare sustainability program called Rewild the Planet in which the carrier is committed to preserving endangered wildlife and animals. by repatriating them to their natural habitat without charging.

Guillaume Halleux, Director of Freight at Qatar Airways, said: “We are concerned about the legacy we are leaving for the next generation. As the world’s leading freight carrier, we firmly believe in giving back to the community and protecting our environment.

“We all know that animals have an important role to play in maintaining the ecological balance which in turn ensures the existence and stability of the environment.

“Through Chapter 2 – Rewild the Planet, we want to encourage this preservation and that is why we are offering free transportation to bring wild animals back to where they belong.

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Qatar Airways is one of the first signatories of the Buckingham Palace Declaration in 2016, which, with support from the transport industry, aims to tackle illegal wildlife trafficking. He is also a founding member of the United for Wildlife Transport working group. In 2018, the airline transported an endangered black rhino from the San Diego Zoo to its natural habitat in Tanzania as part of a breeding program.

The WeQare initiative was launched in July last year as part of the airline’s commitment to environmental awareness and its “zero tolerance policy towards the illegal transport of wildlife. threatened with extinction ”. The first phase involved donating one million kilograms of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to a number of charities.

The aviation industry contributes 2.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions, although the COVID-19 pandemic reduced global emissions last year, data has revealed that they picked up in the second half of the year. According to transport and logistics news site TheLoadStar, despite Qatar Airways’ commitment to sustainability, it is one of the few major carriers that has not tested sustainable aviation fuel.

In an interview with the website, Halleux explained, “Why haven’t we done Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) flights? The number one reason is that we have focused on growing the business. . Sounds like an easy excuse, but we are going at real speed, running and growing. “

“The second reason is that there aren’t enough of them. There are very strong ambitions with SAF, but at the moment it’s not available at all gateways, that’s the problem now.”

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