Susquehanna SPCA Launches Hotline to Help At-Risk Farm Animals


COOPERSTOWN, NY – An animal cruelty pipe led the Susquehanna SPCA to a property in Pittsfield, where a chicken, three rabbits and a pony were found dehydrated and frozen to death. The good news is that the SPCA was able to save a horse and two cats, but SPCA executive director Stacie Haynes says the way these cases are handled needs to change.

“We can’t just keep going to these properties with dead animals and taking what’s left. Like we feel like we have to do something,” she said.

The SPCA has therefore created a hotline “Here to help”. This is a completely confidential telephone line dedicated solely to helping animals. Owners can call along with others concerned about the welfare of farm animals.

“I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a district attorney and I’m not a law enforcement officer. I’ll let these experts take care of it, and we’ll take care of the animals,” he said. Haynes.

They’ve also lowered their drop-off fees, which makes it a bit easier for people to make the financial decision to abandon their pets. there has been an increase in the number of farm animals being abused, which is why the SPCA is working to establish a “Friends of the Farm Network”. A group of local farmers ready to help mistreated animals, even if it’s temporary.

“We won’t be calling people directly, you know to beg for things, it will be just to let people know that we know are interested in helping, and if they are able to help that day, so much the better”, Haynes added. .

Anyone interested in becoming a farm friend can also call the “Here to Help” helpline. This number is 607-547-8111 ext 108.


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