The French circus replaces wild animals with holograms


A French circus will replace the animals used in its shows with holograms.

Circus founders Sandrine and Joseph Bouglione are currently planning a new circus show featuring holographic whales and a dancing bear, both projected onto a screen on stage.

Mr Bouglione told a news source FranceInfo: “The idea is to show that we can have fun and marvel at the beauty and charisma of wild animals while leaving them in peace in their natural habitat.

Mr. Bouglione has used animals such as tigers and camels in his previous circus shows.

Animal substitutes used in other countries

The practice of using holograms to replace circus animals is already widespread in Germany.

And in California, theme parks have even started using animatronic dolls with silicone skin to replace dolphins in shows.

Roger Holzberg, Creative Director at Edge Innovations, who helped create the robotic dolphins, said: “The reality is that in many ways they are very similar. [to real dolphins]. The difference is that we don’t have to worry about breeding programs and safety.

Ban on circus animals in France in the coming years

It comes as a “progressive” ban on circus animals in France was proposed by the government in September last year.

Ecology Minister Barbara Pompili said: “It is time that our ancestral fascination with wild animals no longer translates into situations where we prioritize their captivity over their well-being.

Rather than giving a date for the ban, the minister said the process would take a few years. Part of this process is the repatriation of the 500 wild animals currently used in circuses in France.

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The government has also allocated 8 million euros to circuses to help them stop using animals. Ms. Pompili said: “We are asking circuses to reinvent themselves. This will bring about a period when they will need support and the state will be by their side. “

The ban will currently only be implemented for traveling circus shows and dolphin aquariums – meaning some shows in France may still feature wild animals.

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